Where to Find an Ivory and Chain Bessy Biker Jacket – and Why You Need One

Have you noticed biker jackets are becoming fashionable again? Their popularity has waxed and waned throughout the years, and now they're finally back for good after a long absence. How we missed them!

Stylish modern biker jackets give you the opportunity to perfectly pair elegance and edge. Without taking away from the style pieces you rely on, biker jackets add a touch of eye-catching, on-trend flair. Dare to rebel while staying fashion-forward: at Lola Mindi online fashion boutique, we would love to help you find the biker jacket you can’t live without.

A bit of history about the biker jacket

In the fifties, the biker jacket was a symbol for rebellious adolescents. Everyone has seen pictures of Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Andy Warhol clad in a cool Schott 613 or 618 jacket. Sixty years later, this item hasn't lost one bit of its reputation, but it has also become a must-have fashion item.

In 1928, Irving Schott designed the Perfecto, which can be considered the first real biker jacket. He wanted to make a durable and wind-resistant leather jacket. To reflect the rough weather and travel conditions the jacket had to withstand, Schott added details that became its trademark: a belted front, metal studs, epaulettes, and many different pockets. A Harley Davidson distributor on Long Island retailed the jackets for mere 5.50 US dollars. Original 613s and 618s are now coveted collector's items.

Biker jackets gained in popularity in the forties and fifties among motorcycle riders and non-bikers alike. In the sixties, gradually, a division took place: bikers stayed true to the original model, adding at most more studs, embroidery, or logos, and the jackets adapted for non-bikers in retail shops became a fashion favourite.

Why everyone adores the Ivory and Chain Bessy biker jacket

The biker jacket has become a fashion staple in Australia and much of the rest of the world—it has even taken its place in haute couture. With time, the garment's silhouette has become slimmer and more elegant. Instead of solely functional, the biker jacket has become more comfortable to wear, and it lends itself exceptionally well to combinations with other favourite pieces. There's hardly a shirt, skirt, or dress that doesn't look great when paired with a biker jacket.

If you want to add this fashion-forward classic to your wardrobe, choose an Ivory and Chain Bessy biker jacket. This young Australian brand has quickly become a favourite at Lola Mindi. The designers will tell you to "get a little daring with style," a motto we wholeheartedly endorse.

Buy a Bessy biker jacket in black (charcoal), grey, or beige (nude). Don’t believe their weathered reputation: these modern classics are oh so feminine! At a price of only $179, an Ivory and Chain jacket is a secure investment: because leather is a high-quality material, if you take good care of it, you will enjoy it for years. Since the biker jacket never grows out of fashion, you will never need to replace it—except to add another colour to your collection.

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